理想の体脂肪率とは? What is the ideal body fat percentage?



Hello, everyone!


I am a young elderly and I feel that my abdomen is clearly more protruding than it was when I was a club member in high school, probably because my basal metabolism has slowed down.


Some of the goals of continued strength training include wanting to be healthier and less likely to gain weight, but strength training alone does not make it easy to lose weight.


When I was younger, I used to think that fat wouldn’t make it impossible to see my abdominal muscles unless I was very inadequate, but now it is normal not to see the abdominal muscles.

肥満に関する厚生労働省の見解 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s position on obesity.


厚生労働省が提供してる情報によれば、成人の肥満の定義にはBMI(Body Mass Index)、腹囲、中性脂肪、血圧、血糖値、体脂肪率が用いられているようです。

According to information provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Body Mass Index (BMI), abdominal circumference, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and body fat percentage are used to define obesity in adults.

BMI(Body Mass Index)は[体重(kg)]÷[身長(m)2]として計算され、以下のように判定されます。

BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated as [weight (kg)] / [height (m)2] and is determined as follows.

< 18.5低体重Underweight
18.5 ≤ BMI < 25.0普通体重Normal range
25.0 ≤ BMI < 30.0肥満(1度)Pre-obese
30.0 ≤ BMI < 35.0肥満(2度)Obese class I
35.0 ≤ BMI < 40.0肥満(3度)Obese class II
40.0 ≤ BMI肥満(4度)Obese class III
表1. 肥満度分類(日本肥満学会)


The disadvantage of this method is that only height and weight are used in the calculations, so body fat percentage is not taken into account.


I personally do not agree that high muscle mass and heavy weight are treated in the same way as high fat and heavy weight.


And if you have a normal weight but low muscle mass and high fat content, you can be obese even if your BMI is normal.


I myself calculate my current BMI to be 25.95, which makes me obese (1st degree).


Metabolic syndrome, often referred to as ‘metabolic syndrome’, refers to a condition in which a person with ‘visceral fatty obesity’ has two or more of the following conditions: high blood glucose, high blood pressure and abnormal lipid metabolism.

A: 腹囲 ≥ 85cm(男性)
≥ 90cm(女性)
(内臓脂肪面積 男女とも≥100cm2に相当)
B: 上記に加え、以下のいずれか2項目以上(男女とも)
1.中性脂肪≥ 150mg/dl かつ/または HDL < 40mg/dl
2.血圧収縮期血圧 ≥ 130mmHg かつ/または 拡張期血圧 ≥ 85mmHg
3.血糖空腹時血糖 ≥ 110mg/dl
表2. 日本におけるメタボリックシンドロームの診断基準(2005年)


With regard to body fat percentage, body fat mass is considered increased when it exceeds 30% for adult women and 25% for adult men.


Scales that can measure body fat percentage using the bio-impedance method, which calculates and measures body fat from the electrical resistance (impedance) of fat, which conducts little electricity, by passing a weak electrical current through the body, are now widely used in general households. With this method, the body fat percentage may change with the amount of water in the body, so eating, drinking, exercise and bathing should be avoided and measurements should be taken at the same time and under the same conditions.

加齢に伴う基礎代謝の低下 Age-related decline in basal metabolism


Basal metabolism decreases with age.


This is of course partly due to age-related loss of muscle mass, but it is also quite natural when you think about it.


With adulthood, physical growth ceases and, by leaving school, opportunities for physical exercise through physical education classes and club activities are eliminated.


If this happens, it seems obvious that unless you deliberately increase your opportunities to exercise, you will gain weight.


Recently I have been thinking that it would be a good idea to exercise every day as if you were in a club.

肥満を脱却するために Getting rid of obesity.



I know some people would argue that as you get to a higher life stage, you naturally gain weight, but I’m trying to somehow go against that natural trend.


Hollywood actresses who sometimes gain weight for roles have also found it more difficult to lose weight as they get older and have stopped gaining extreme amounts of weight for their roles.


I have been doing my own strength training since junior high school, but recently I have become particularly overweight, so I started aerobic training on an aerobic bike in earnest in April 2023.


Learning more about aerobic training is here.


It is early days since I started focusing on aerobic training and I will update here about the results of my continued efforts.


Supplement your diet with nutrients that you are not getting enough of, or that are declining with age, and keep exercise in mind, and work towards the best body you have ever had, today more than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today!

” Age is just a number.” (Joan Collins)

まとめ Summary

肥満かどうかは、BMI(Body Mass Index)、腹囲、中性脂肪、血圧、血糖値、体脂肪率から総合的に判断する

Obesity is judged comprehensively based on BMI (Body Mass Index), abdominal circumference, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood glucose and body fat percentage.


Metabolism slows down with age, so it is important to increase calorie consumption, even intentionally

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