2023年を振り返ってLooking back to 2023



Hello, everyone!


The year 2023 is almost over.


What has the year been like for you?


Personally, this year has been a year of many different things.


In order to make next year meaningful, I would like to reflect on this year.

1月~4月 Jan-Apr.

  • 仕事について
  • About the job
    • 動物病院での勤務としては冬場だったので、患者数も落ち着いており落ち着いた日々だったと思います。
    • As for working in a veterinary hospital, it was winter time, so patient numbers were calm and settled.
  • 副業について
  • About side jobs
    • 少しずつ翻訳案件をいただいていましたが、+α何かないかと探していました。
    • I had been receiving a few translation projects, but I was looking for something extra.
    • そして、初期費用が少なくて済み、誰でも始めることができるものとしてブログを始めようと準備を始めました。(世間ではずいぶん前に流行っていたことのようですが)
    • Then I started preparing to start a blog as something that requires little initial cost and can be started by anyone. (Something that seems to have been popular in the world for a long time, so it seems a bit late to start now.)
    • ブログへの注目を集めるために、旧ツイッターとフェイスブックを積極的に使い始めました
    • To draw attention to the blog, I started actively using the old Twitter and Facebook pages.

4月~6月 Apr-Jun.

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  • 仕事について
  • About the job
    • フィラリア予防の時期に入り、患者数も増えて少し忙しかったように思います。
    • With the start of filarial prophylaxis season, the number of patients has increased and it has been a little busier.
  • 副業について
  • About side jobs
    • 翻訳の案件があまりいただけず、ブログを頑張ろうとしていた時期でした。1日~2日に1記事は頑張って書いていました
    • It was a time when I wasn’t getting many translation projects and I was trying to work hard on my blog; I was doing my best to write one article every day or two.
    • 頑張ってはいましたが、収益化する方法が見えず、特に閲覧数もとても少なかったので、ただただ記事を頑張って増やしていた時期でした。
    • I was doing my best, but I didn’t see a way to monetise it, especially as the number of views was very low, so it was a time when I was just working hard and adding articles.
    • また、銀行に預けていてもお金は増えない時代なので、積み立てNISAを始めました
    • In addition, I started an accumulating NISA, as money does not grow when deposited in the bank.

6月~12月 Jun-Dec.

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  • 仕事について
  • About the job
    • フィラリア予防の時期が終わり、患者数再び落ち着いてきました。
    • The filarial prophylaxis season is over and patient numbers have settled down again.
    • 今勤めている動物病院が開院して3年半ほど経つため、患者様にも私の顔が随分浸透してきたように感じるこの頃でした。
    • As the veterinary hospital where I now work has been open for three and a half years, it was at this time that I felt that my face had become quite familiar to patients.
    • 小動物臨床医として12年ほど働いていますが、まだまだ力及ばずだと思うことも多いので、勉強を続けていきたいと思います。
    • I have been working as a small animal clinician for 12 years, but I often feel that I am not up to scratch yet, so I would like to continue my studies.
  • 副業について
  • About side jobs
    • 翻訳の案件を多くいただけたため、ブログに割ける時間が減り、旧ツイッターでのつぶやきもほとんどできない状態になりました。
    • As I received more translation projects, I had less time to devote to my blog and could hardly tweet on the old Twitter.
    • そんな状況でしたので、ブログの記事も増えず、ブログの閲覧数も増えず、収益化など夢の又夢といった状況です。
    • Because of this situation, the number of blog posts did not increase, the number of blog views did not increase, and monetisation was a dream come true.
    • 積み立てNISAでは、年利にすると3%~5%増えました。全然微々たるものですが、銀行に預けたままよりはずっとましでした。
    • In the accumulation NISA, the annual interest rate increased by 3% to 5%. It was not much at all, but it was much better than leaving the money in the bank.

来年の抱負 Aspirations for the coming year

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I have been able to tackle a lot of things this year, but many of them have ended up halfway through, so ideally we would like to

来年の抱負 Aspirations for the coming year


Linking your day job studies to blogging.


Accept translation projects as much as possible and use them as a learning opportunity.


I still want to have financial freedom, so I will continue to study and act on money matters


Use your time in a creative and valuable way


I want to be active all my life, so I take care of my body and keep up my strength training.


Not so long ago, I was very reluctant to set goals for the year.


Because I didn’t know what to do.


But now there are many things I want to do.


I think you all can do whatever you want to do. Let’s make the next year a fun one by setting goals for what we want to do!

2006年大阪府立大学卒業 2006年4月~2020年3月実家から通える動物病院に就職 2020年4月~ 広島県三次市の動物病院に就職 現在は広島県三次市の動物病院と広島県庄原市の動物病院を行き来しながら勤務中で、趣味は筋トレと映画鑑賞 このブログでは自分の勉強したこと、筋トレ、映画などについて書こうと思っています。